Ian Leaf Announces the 11 Best Golf Courses in Switzerland    

Golf in and Ideal Environment in Switzerland

Many people love to golf. It may be a dream-come-true for the golf enthusiast to golf all-year-long. Switzerland is for you if you are a true blue golf enthusiast. Switzerland offers some of the finest golf courses with some astounding views and many golf opportunities. This is indeed a superior European golfing destination because ideal surroundings can be found in this spectacular environment.

Characteristics of a Great Golf Course

You may be wondering what would be viewed as a great golf course and what would be qualify a golf course to be one of the very best courses. Ian Leaf, along with every golfer, may have their own particular ideas about a great golf course. The following items are some common characteristics that are included in a great golf course. They include:

  • a course that is in very good condition
  • some interesting features on the course itself
  • some spectacular views
  • some exceptional off course facilities
  • some well-planned holes. They must include a good challenge and ought to be fair too
  • conditioning. The course must not be in bad condition.
  • a touch of added history. Perhaps a legend stepped on the green

These are a sample of the characteristics of a great golf course according to Ian Andrews. These are characteristics that may get a golf course in the top 11 best courses. A great golf course may have more common characteristics included. These are a sample of the fine attributes of an admired and favorite golf course.

The Top 11 Golf Courses in Ian Andrews Switzerland

Ian Leaf Mortgages
Ian Leaf Mortgages

Are you interested in finding out which are considered, by many, to be the very top golf courses in Switzerland? The 11 best golf courses include the following:

  1. Ascona; this is a fabulous course that had been founded in the later part of 1920. This is a golf lover’s dream come true
  2. Geneva; this is a stunning golf course with fantastic views of the glorious mountains. A day spent golfing will be like a day in paradise.
  3. Bad Ragaz; everything the golf enthusiast may need will be found at this amazing golf course. A beginner golfer will be welcomed right along with the seasoned professional golfers. This golfing hot spot is nestled amongst nature
  4. Zurich-Zumikon; this is a golf course for those who enjoy a challenge in a fabulous environment. This is a superior private facility for the discerning golfer
  5. Lausanne; this is a coursed surrounded by trees while offering a view of the Alps. A rare and dramatic course ready to provide stunning views filled with challenges in this ideal environment
  6. Domaine Imperial; the beautiful surroundings are savored by the golf lover in this above-average course. Each golfer is treated like royalty here. This is the place to find some on the tope golf architects in the entire world.
  7. Schoneberg Golf & Country Club; this is a fabulous overall environment that has been a favorite since the mid-1960s. Add a little skiing after some golfing because they have it all here.
  8. Golf Club Vuissens; surrounded by the forests with a touch of added sparkle from the water pools. This is simply a spectacular course to behold and enjoy.
  9. Golf Club Lugano; Every golfer will have the ability to fully enjoy the stunning scenery as they spend their time enjoying a challenging golf course that is ready to dazzle every golf enthusiast
  10. Golf Gerre Losone; every golfer will get caught up in the golf moment. The excitement and aromas will absolutely captivate the golf enthusiast because the golf environment is superior
  11. Golf Club Crans-sur-Sierre; Take a look at the golf photos and you will see everything this top golf course has to offer

Why Golf in Switzerland?

There are many reasons to choose Switzerland for your golfing experience. Switzerland is ready to cater to the golf enthusiast and provide an exceptional golf experience to each and every golf lover. Every golfer is welcome in Switzerland. The greatest golf courses are waiting for you in Switzerland. Those are the tips on choosing a golf course according to Ian Leaf Switzerland.