Ian Leaf Switzerland Travel Guide

Ian Leaf is very familiar with Switzerland, and he has learned over the years there are things everyone needs to experience at least one time.  He has a love affair with the country that every will appreciate, and he has a few places that people should try so they can see how beautiful the country is.


Basel is a city in the middle of the country that has a really good arts community, and you can go into the mountains to ski in the winter if you want to.  There is a nice lake on the edge of town, and you will see the city as a sort of winter paradise that you would only find a movie or a book.  It really does shimmer in the winter because the city is so pretty, and you need to come through the city just one time to see how the citizens live because it is a dream for many people.


Geneva is known around the world as the place where treaties are written, and it is also known as the place where disputes are settled.  The city is a beautiful place that serves to remind the world that it can be clean and kind to all.  You will be shocked at how kind it is when you cross the border, and you will find skiing in the hills when you are looking.  You get to have an adventure in Geneva that teaches you about the history of the world, and you will see that the world can work out its problems when it comes together in Geneva.

The Alps

The Swiss Alps are just one part of a larger mountain system, and you can ski up there when you want.  You will find many sleepy villages in the Alps, and you can stay in any of them when you are skiing.  You will meet nice people who put you up in their hotels, and you will ski every day on powder that will make you feel like you are in another world.  You will ski happily for days if that is what you want, and you will enjoy the area for its snow before you head back home.

The Roads

The roads in Switzerland are all slow and curvy.¬† You will notice that you are on nothing but A roads, and you will have a fun time driving the roads because they are so much more bendy than anything you will find anywhere else.¬† This is a driver’s heaven because you will have nothing but these bends to negotiate so that you can get to where you want to go.¬† You need to know that you can have fun on the road, and the only way to do that is to rent a car and drive through the country yourself.¬† You will have so much fun on the road that you might come back just to drive.


The opera house in the city is enough of a reason to come to the city, but you need to know that you will have skiing and other things in the city to do.  This is yet another picturesque city that will please you when you visit, and you need to know that you can have a good time just walking up and down the street.  This is why you want to come to Zurich because you can shop and eat well in the city.  A hotel room in the middle of the city will be fun for you, and you will notice that everyone there seems to be in another world.  Zurich is very refined, and you will be a part of that when you come to visit.  You deserve to have a sophisticated experience in the city, and that is what you will get when you visit.

The Italian Stretches

There are places in Switzerland that are Italian speaking, you will find people who cook in the Italian style, and they will welcome you just like Italians.  It is a nice place to be because it makes you feel like you are at home.  You will find villages that look like they belong in Italy, and you will close to the border where you can cross over and go to places like Milan.

Ian Leaf thinks that everyone who wants to travel should try Switzerland one time, and they will find the country a place where they can enjoy more of life.  They will find these nice cities that are fun to walk around, and they will find roads that are fun to drive.  Everyone who is in the country will have a nice time because of the way that it has been put together, and the government keeps it so clean that you will love the movie sett feeling of it all.