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5 Must See Art Exhibits in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is rich in art, formalities, history, and culture. You can enjoy many art exhibits at incredible museums, with diversified exhibits for everyone to enjoy. For people who like sports, there is Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, for those who love modern and contemporary art- there is the British Museum, and for those who are history lovers, there is the Imperial War Museum. Listed below are museums where you can challenge your love for art:

* Tate Modern

* The British Museum

* The Natural History Museum

* The Imperial Museum

* The Victoria and Albert Museum

* The Charles Dickens Museum

* The London Science Museum

* Royal Museums Greenwich

* Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

* Museum of London

* The National Portrait Gallery

* The Royal Academy of Art

Portrait of Pablo Picasso from 1st-Art-Gallery.com
Portrait of Pablo Picasso from 1st-Art-Gallery.com

There are many other museums where you can view breathtaking exhibits of paintings, photography, sculptures, and videos. Many exhibits paints a picture of extraordinary pastime, current and future art.

Art exhibits is where art objects or ideas are exposed and shown at art galleries, museums, and at art sales. They range from photography, paintings, photography, videos, sculptures, drawings, performance and interactive art. There are different types of art exhibits, such as- Trade Fair, Retrospective, Biennale, Traveling exhibits, Juried invitation only, and open (non-juried) exhibitions.

There are 5 Must See Art Exhibits in the United Kingdom:

* The American Dream: Pop to the Present at the British Museum

* American After the Fall: Paintings in the 1930’s at Royal Academy of Arts

* Picasso Portraits

* Conceptual Art in Britain

* Georgia O’Keefe

Each of these exhibits are phenomenal! The American Dream: Pop to the Present at the British Museum are bold contemporary prints by many United States celebrated artist, which explores social issues and show you unique prints to admire- (You can find more information http://www.britishmuseum.org), the American After the Fall: Paintings in the 1930’s at Royal Academy of Arts take museum goers through a revolutionary period in America, Picasso Portraits are amazing pictures of his revolutionary art, Conceptual Art in Britain is a view of British Art through young artist, impatient with modern abstract. They are young rebels, interested in ideas- rather than objects (for information you can go to http://www.artsy.net), and finally, you must see Georgia O’ Keefe is one of the most amazing 20th century artist in the world. His flower power images are fascinating images (http://www.tate.org for more details).

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Ian Leaf United Kingdom
Ian Leaf United Kingdom

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